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7th Avenue Depot Inventory

Ca. 1926. Two-story brick commercial building painted at the storefront level. One-over-one double hung sash windows in pairs. Altered storefront. Metal canopy. One-story brick addition to rear with stepped roof.
Station Hotel Between 1912-1922. The Station Hotel is a two-story brick structure with a low hipped roof, with small brick flues projecting through the roof. The front has a two-tiered, full façade, frame porch, which extends slightly around the north side. The porch has a small center gable on its
Ca. 1922. One-and-a-half-story and striated brick commercial building with inset decorative brick panel. Storefront intact except for addition of pent roof, covered transom, and replacement of original aprons with brick. Sanborn maps indicate that original uses included a garage and a restaurant.
J. W. Bailey House Ca. 1898. The Bailey House is a small, but impressive, late 19th century Queen Anne cottage. The most noticeable feature is the prominent circular corner turret with a conical roof, which is bracketed. The one-and–one-half story house has a high hipped roof with gabled projecting
Circa 1912. Simplified Queen Anne, two-story residence, asymmetrical form. Central hipped roof with steeply pitched gables and deep eaves. Small wraparound porch on west and south sides. Brick chimney and foundation. Original porch columns and rail replaced with modern wrought iron. Covered with
Ca. 1922. Two-story brick warehouse building with six-over-six double hung windows on the second story. One window on lower level has been filled in. Brick relieving arches over windows (Ash Street, east façade). The alley elevation (north) of this building has brick relieving arches over the
Ca. 1922. Façade is a one-story simple red brick warehouse with an inset brick panel just below the cornice. A garage door, apparently added later, is on the north end of the building. Brick arch over a second service door. The elevation facing the alley (north) has a stepped back roofline. Four
Ca. 1922. Façade is a simple one-story red brick warehouse with a moderate degree of decorative brick at the cornice. Original service doors have been infilled with brick. "H.W.O. Co. Warehouse" still appears faintly in the sign panel. The Pace Street (south) elevation has been covered with sheet