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7th Avenue Depot Inventory

1902-1904. Handsome frame depot displaying characteristics of the Craftsman style. The structure has a hipped roof with deep splayed eaves. The eaves are supported by prominent curved wood brackets. The north side of the roof ends in a simple gable. Judging by an early 1900s postcard of the station
Ca. 1940-1950. Modern one-story brick building.
Ca. 1915. Two-story red brick building with intact storefront and window openings. Windows are one-over-one double hung, five across. Has a single entry door to the upstairs at the southeast corner, with transom above. Storefront original with multi-pane transom; the only change has been the
Ca. 1910. One-story orange-red brick commercial building with relatively intact storefront, corbelled cornice, inset brick sign panel.
Ca. 1910. One-story red brick commercial building. Intact storefront except for painting of glass in transom windows. Brick around storefront has been painted black.
Ca. 1915. Two-story, light orange-red brick commercial building with intact storefront. Only changes are addition of a metal awning and boarding up of some of the double hung windows on second story.
Ca. 1920. Two-story deep red brick commercial building with relatively intact storefront. Wood panels cover a part of the transom windows and one display window. Four one-over-one double hung windows on second story; two have been filled in with metal windows.
Star Dray Co. building Ca. 1923. One-story red brick building of square configuration with drive-through covered overhang to west side. Ceiling and columns of overhang have been covered with aluminum siding. Small wood frame one-story addition to north side. Windows on east and west sides of