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Druid Hills Inventory

Thomas A. Egerton House House. Contributing, by 1926. One-story plus basement bungalow with brick veneer walls. Wood shingles in gable ends. Side gable roof, with front gable dormer in the center front which is supported by knee braces. Shed-roof attached porch at front. Porch details include square
Robert E. Taylor House House. Contributing, by 1926. One and one-half story bungalow with German siding. Cross gable roof with side gable dormers and knee braces. Attached porch appears to be added, but soon after the original construction of the house. Porch details include square posts on brick
Henry Germaine House Contributing, ca. 1937-1944. One-story house with a hip roof and projecting front gable wings at front and rear. Walls covered with aluminum siding. Semi-circular entry area at front. Windows are four-vertical-over-one, and front door appears to be a modern replacement. Side
Leander Justice House House. Contributing, ca. 1910s. I-house with an L-wing addition added between 1910s and 1926. One-story rear shed-roof addition made after 1954. Side gable roof, lapped wood siding, entry portico with a front gable roof and columns. Windows are two-over-two. Small level lot
House. Non-contributing, ca. late 1950s. One-story Ranch house with a low-pitch side gable roof. Brick veneer walls, and a recessed entry stoop. Modern windows and doors. Set on a corner lot level with the street. Good condition. (Sanborn maps)
Edna Avery Jones House House. Contributing, by 1926. Shingle style two-story house with a side gable roof and shed roof dormers which extend the full width of the house. A pent roof divides the first and second floors. Large, compatible, two-story addition to the rear, and a one-story wing at the
Colt House Non-contributing, ca. 1949. One and one-half story house with a side gable roof and a projecting front gable wing which projects to the northwest. Side-gable screened porch, original to the building, projects to the south side. Asbestos siding, but probably original to the house. Windows
Robert G. Anders House House. Contributing, by 1926. One-story bungalow with German siding and a side gable roof. A side gable wing projects to the south at the southeast corner. There is a one-story wing at the northwest corner with a shed roof. Attached front porch with a front gable, projecting