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West Side Inventory

John L. Paschal House House. Non-contributing, ca. 1953. One-story Minimal Traditional house with a front gable roof and vinyl siding. Attached porch with square posts and 2x2 balustrade. Windows are one-over-one and door has three diagonal lights. Small lot. John L. and Elaine H. Paschal apparently
House. Non-contributing, 1960s. One-story front gable cottage with aluminum siding. Small wing at rear, and a carport at the northwest corner. Front porch is screened. Modern doors and windows. (Sanborn maps, city directories, owner)
House. Non-contributing, 1960s. One-story Minimal Traditional house with a central bay and wings on either side. Side gable roof with masonite board siding on upper half and brick veneer on lower half. Attached front porch with front gable roof and iron posts. Windows are one-over-one. Front
House. Non-contributing, ca. 1955. One-story side gable cottage with German siding. Entry stoop. Central brick chimney. Windows are modern. Level lot, house set back from street. (Sanborn maps, city directories)
House. Non-contributing, 1960s. One-story Ranch style house with a side gable roof and projecting front gable roof bay. Aluminum siding, with brick veneer on lower half of walls. Engaged, recessed entry. Modern doors and windows. Chain link fence. (Sanborn maps, city directories) Storage building
Luke A. Wingert House House. Contributing, 1935. One-story side gable cottage with an L-shape floor plan. Small shed roof addition at rear, front gable on projecting bay at northeast corner. Aluminum siding. Shed roof entry porch added. Interior brick chimney with arched top. Windows are twelve-over
Thomas H. Franks House House. Contributing, ca. 1925. One-story bungalow with side gable roof and front gable pediment supported by brackets at center front entry. Engaged porch to west. Vinyl siding. Central brick chimney with corbeling. One-over-one windows; eight-light-over-panels front door
Melbourne J. Cannon House Contributing, ca. 1925. One-story bungalow with clipped gable roof and shed roof dormer at front and rear. German siding. Screened porch wing to east added. Engaged porch with narrow tapered columns. Eight-over-one windows; eight-light-over-panel front door. Melbourne J