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507 N. Main

 507 N. Main

Two-story brick commercial structure, completely obscured by modern aluminum facade. Modern storefront. A large two-story commercial building occupying two 30-foot lots, this structure became a part of the Clarke Hardware Company.

In the January 7, 1909 edition of the French Broad Hustler, one can read that "W. A. Smith and Henry Jordan have let the contract for a new office building they will erect on Main Street, between Dr. Howe's office and the new Clarke building. The building will have 56'4" frontage and run back 115 to the alley. The cost will be $12,000, the building will be owned jointly by these two gentlemen and others, and will be built by Mr. Jordan. The excavation is now being made. This newest addition to Main Street will be two stories high, with a large basement suitable for business, and will set back a few feet from Main Street, sufficient to give entrance to the big basement.  Pressed brick will be used on the front of the building and the store fronts will be of solid glass..."

The following May, a glowing description of this new store appeared in the French Broad Hustler (5/13/1909): "The Store would really be a credit to any large city. Outside the mere size, the pretty decorated walls of green, the white iron ceiling liberally dotted with electric lights, the modern store fixtures, impresses one forcibly with the fact that Hendersonville is certainly growing to number among its business enterprises so handsome and modern a business house as this. The floor space covers 7,015 square feet. The basement underneath the whole building is stocked with hardware, the entire ground floor is used as a salesroom, while upstairs are two seven-room flats, equipped with all modern conveniences, with hot and cold water in every room. The building is substantial--built to last, and is extremely handsome in appearance with its pressed brick front, its enormous plate glass windows, and large projecting [wrought iron] balconies."


Clarke Hardware Building ca.  1909 

Built by W.A. Smith and Henry Jordan at a cost of $12,000. Tenants of the three storefronts have been Clarke Hardware, Bland Hardware, Gregg Bros Hardware, and for 65 years, Houston Furniture Company.  The first gasoline pump on Main Street was located in front of this building.

 507 N. Main Photo from 1987.

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