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305 S. Whitted Street

Jeny L. Orr House

House. Contributing, ca. 1923.
One-story bungalow with a front gable roof with exposed rafter ends and shed roof dormers on the north and south sides. German siding, attached front gable porch which has been screened in. Exterior brick flue on north side. Windows are multi-light-over-one, multi-light door. Set on a small lot slightly above the street. Jeny L. Orr, a constable, was the first owner of this house, along with Reverend Carl Blythe. He lived here from ca. 1923 until 1938. After Mr. Orr, the house was owned by James C. Hayes, but occupied by James M. Bowers and wife Evelyn. He was a mixer at Becker's Bakery. Raynee and Beulah Morgan bought the house in 1943 from Mr. Hayes. Mr. Morgan was a salesman at Cantrell Produce Company. Mrs. Morgan still lives in the house.
(Sanborn maps, city directories, owner)

Garage. Contributing, ca. 1923.
One-story garage with a shed roof, paneled doors, small addition on south side made after 1954.

Historic District
Lenox Park