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1314 Hyman Avenue

 1314 Hyman Avenue

Bonnie Haven

Contributing, ca. 1917-1922.
Colonial Revival/Four Square style two-story house with a Craftsman style porch. Sanborn maps from 1926 indicated the original porch was a wraparound, but a portion at the northwest corner has been enclosed. The current river rock porch may be a replacement done early in the life of the building. River rock battered posts, piers and balustrade are a striking feature of the house. Wing on the east side, large two-story addition at rear, built after 1954. Hip roof with wide overhanging eaves, and aluminum siding on walls and soffits. One chimney is also river rock. Windows are nine-over-one, double and triple and front door has transom and sidelights. Large wooded lot, with a low stone retaining wall at the front. Original outbuilding is gone. Bonnie Haven (now called Bon Haven Inn) was listed in the 1937 city directories, but the building was there much earlier. Rene Chaffee was the original innkeeper, who was there until 1944. Cornelius Enright lived there from 1945 to 1949. According to Jody Barber, Mrs. Chaffee often served Sunday meals to residents of the neighborhood along with her guests. Good condition.
(Sanborn maps, city directories, owner, interview with Jody Barber)

Honey Burrell, a summer guest during the 1950s, shared that Mr. & Mrs. Enright were running the Inn and opened the dining room to the public for the main noon meal on Sundays.

After that the building was used as an independent living facility featuring 15 rooms for residents. 

August 2008 - now Aunt Adeline's Bed and Breakfast.

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