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The 2017 Inn Tour & Cookie Caper has been rescheduled for Sunday December 17, from 1 - 4 p.m. Tickets are still available at the Visitor's Center.

Due to a prior booking, The Henderson will not be participating in the rescheduled event. For more information, please call 828-697-3010.

The historical heritage of the city of Hendersonville is a treasured asset enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. The Mayor and Council recognize the role that historic properties play in that heritage, and believe that the conservation of historic properties stabilizes and increases property values and strengthens the overall economy of the City.

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For these reasons, they have adopted an Historic Preservation Ordinance with the following purposes:

  • To safeguard the City's heritage by preserving any property therein that embodies important elements of its culture, history, architectural history or prehistory;
  • To identify properties which are of special historical significance and which posses integrity of design, setting, workmanship, materials, feeling and/or association, and to designate such as historic landmarks and districts; and,
  • To promote the use and conservation of such landmarks or districts for the education, pleasure and enrichment of the residents of the city, county, and state as a whole.


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