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Columbus Mills Pace House

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House. Contributing, 1860s.

Two and one-half story, classically-inspired, double-pile, central hall plan house with a side gable roof and front gable dormers. Scrollwork on two-story porch probably a late nineteenth century addition. One-story additions and original wing at rear. Vinyl siding. Porch details include front gable roof, square posts on piers, and a 2 x 2 balustrade. Exterior end brick chimneys on east and west, and an interior brick chimney on west wing. Six-over-one windows. Modern front door with transom on first level; second level has transom and sidelights. Notable large lot and landscape with maples, mature boxwoods, hairpin fence, and a stone retaining wall. This is the oldest house in the neighborhood, built by Columbus Mills Pace in the 1860s. It appears that Pace sold much of his original land holdings for smaller subdivisions in the neighborhood. Columbus Mills Pace was born in 1845. He was the first Justice of the Peace in Henderson County, served as Clerk of Superior Court from 1868 to 1925, and also served as a county commissioner. Pace was also a partner of W. A. Smith in the early development of Laurel Park. The 1926 Sanborn maps note the house was a rooming house, with the stone outbuilding in use as a residence. The house was vacant through the late 1930s. Miss Betty Macy and Miss Katherine Quinn lived there from 1943 to 1944, probably when the house was used as a boarding house from 1943 to 1953, and was called Locust Lodge. Harold C. Chamison owned the house when it was Locust Lodge. The Chamison heirs still own the property.
(Sanborn maps, city directories, deeds, owner, survey files)

August 2008 - now Angelique Inn.

Well house. Contributing, 1860s.
One-story stone building originally used as a well house. Several additions to the building through the years, including extension of the roof and conversion to a residence.

Storage building. Contributing, ca. 1920.   
One-story frame storage building with a front gable roof at rear of house.


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