722-728 Fifth Avenue West

Fifth Avenue Clinic

Non-contributing, ca. 1952.
One-story plus basement modern building with a side gable roof and central portico. Brick veneer. Two interior brick chimneys. Six-over-six windows and modern doors. Vinyl siding on columns. According to the Sanborn maps, this building appears to have originally been part of the Curtis House at 731 Fourth Avenue West (#172). Built as the Fifth Avenue Clinic, ca. 1952. Dr. Richard A. Porter, Dr. Fred O. Trotter, Dr. Lester B. McDonald, Dr. Charles R. Deeds, and Dr. Joe G. Crowell were some of the first occupants. By 1954, the Fifth Avenue Laboratory occupied a portion of the building. This was one of the first medical office buildings constructed away from the hospital.
(Sanborn maps, city directories, owner)

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