1230 Oakland Street

Thomas D. Clark House

1230oakContributing, by 1926.
Excellent example of a Colonial Revival style two-story house with a center hall plan, hip roof, and wide overhanging eaves. One-story wings on both sides were built by 1926, but may have been built after the main block of the house. Small one-story entry wing at the rear. Front entry stoop has a full pediment supported by Tuscan columns. Walls are brick veneer. Windows are six-over-one and front door is multi-panel. House sits on a nicely landscaped large corner lot. Original outbuilding appears to be gone. The builders of this house supposedly lost their money in the 1929 Crash and never lived in the house. They may have been associated with Patton Memorial Hospital, since this house is located just to the southwest of it and was never part of either the Hyman Heights or Mount Royal subdivision plats. Thomas D. and Emma H. Clark lived here from approximately 1930 to 1985. Clark was secretary-treasurer of Clark Candy Company, and was also the founder of a home security system business in later years. Excellent condition.
(Sanborn maps, city directories, owner, former survey data, plats)

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