1622 Kensington Road

Harry C. Price House

1622 kenHouse. Contributing, by 1926.
Two-story bungalow with an irregular floor plan. Steeply pitched side gable roof with shed roof dormer at the northwest corner. Original brick veneer appears to have been stuccoed over on the first floor, with aluminum siding on the second floor. Siding has been replaced in soffits also. Engaged entry porch at northwest corner, with a replacement balustrade. Windows are double hung, but may be replacements. Front door is multi-light. Located on a hill above the street with granite slab steps to the front walkway. Harry C. Price, a teacher at the high school, and his wife Elizabeth lived here beginning in 1941. John E. and Hilda A. Wood lived here from 1945 to 1946. F. A. Barber, Jr. and wife Iva lived here in the late 1940s.



Garage. Contributing, by 1926.
One-story building with replacement siding.

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