7th Avenue - Depot

Hendersonville Depot


Handsome frame depot displaying characteristics of the Craftsman style. The structure has a hipped roof with deep splayed eaves. The eaves are supported by prominent curved wood brackets. The north side of the roof ends in a simple gable. Judging by an early 1900s postcard of the station, a covered waiting area was removed from this side of the building. Other changes include removal of dormer windows and a shed roof extension on the east and west sides (splayed roof form now).  (From the Banks of the Oklawaha, p. 205.)  

An attractive passenger and freight station which is an apt symbol of the profound influence of the railroad on Henderson County. The line was opened from Spartanburg, SC, to Hendersonville in 1879, a year before Asheville was to receive a line from the east. The railroad brought large numbers of visitors to Hendersonville, and allowed the county’s produce to reach a much wider market. Sanborn Insurance Maps indicate that the station was enlarged between 1912 and 1926. The elimination of passenger service in the mid-century has removed the depot’s primary role, threatening its continued existence. It is currently vacant.



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