907 Highland Avenue

James M. Byers House

907 highContributing. ca. 1925.
This one-story, front-gable-roof Craftsman bungalow has weatherboard siding in the gable ends, but replacement T-111 siding on the side elevations.  The engaged porch has wood posts on capped brick piers, a two-by-two balustrade, and capped brick cheek walls at the stairs.  It appears there was a window on the other side of the door, but it has been enclosed and the fa├žade has been covered with board and batten siding at the porch level.  The foundation is brick, windows are one-over-one replacement sash, and the front door is modern.  The rear of the house has modern windows and door.   House sits on a hill, with an alley to the rear.  The original owners of this house appear to be James M. Byers, a plumber, and wife Odessa (1926 - 1938).  Additional occupants have included Charles Lang, an auto mechanic, and wife Hattie (1939 - 1940); Warren P. Stokes, with J. F. Stokes & Son Awnings, and wife Estelle (1941 - 1951); Gus Woody, foreman with Robotyper Corporation, and wife Anna (1952 - 1955); and Dweel L. Summer, supervisor at General Baking Company, and wife Edith (1956 - 1957). (Sanborn maps; city directories)

907 Highland Avenue.  Storage. Non-contributing. Modern.

One-story concrete block storage building with a front-gable roof, exposed rafter ends, and a double door.

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