904 Highland Avenue


904 highContributing. ca. 1925.
This one-story-plus-basement, front-gable Craftsman bungalow has exposed rafter ends, German siding, and a front-gable porch with replacement iron posts and railing and a concrete floor which extends to the south to form a patio.  There is an exterior end brick chimney, the foundation is brick, windows are one-over-one, and the front door is modern.  House sits on a small corner lot which drops to the rear.   There are field stones placed into the hillside on the south side of the property, along 9th Avenue, a landscaping feature which also appears in the Hyman Heights neighborhood to the north.  Occupants have included Mrs. Bessie Ashmead, a widow (1937-1938); Robert H. Lee of D. H. Lee & Son Real Estate, and wife Mary (1939-1944); and James M. Byers, a city plumbing inspector, and wife Odessa (1945-1957). (Sanborn maps; city directories; owner information)

904 Highland Avenue.  Storage.  Non-contributing. Modern.
One-story, front-gable, metal storage building has a metal lift door and metal frame, small one-over-one single windows.

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