903 Highland Avenue


903 highContributing. ca. 1920. addition ca. 1960.
The main block of this one-story, front-gable-roof Craftsman bungalow has knee braces, exposed rafter ends, vinyl siding and a brick foundation. The attached front-gable porch has wood posts and a replacement balustrade.  There is a large one-story-plus-basement rear addition with a front gable roof, German siding, horizontal two-over-two windows, concrete block foundation and a garage beneath with an attached carport with a canvas roof. The foundation is brick and windows are one-over-one. House is set on a hill, and there are stones placed into the hillside onto 9th Avenue, the same as 904 Highland Avenue across the street. Occupants of this house have included Curtis F. Pittilla, driver for The Texas Company, and wife Ruby (1937 -1938); Mrs. Edna Ramsell, clerk at McFarlans Food Shop (1939 - 1946); and Paul T. Moffitt, a taxi driver, and wife Marjorie (1948 - 1957). The current owner dates this house to 1945, but the same footprint building appears on the 1922 Sanborn.  The addition dates after 1954.  (Sanborn maps; city directories; owner information)

903 Highland Avenue.  Storage Shed.  Non-contributing. Modern.
One-story storage building has a front gable roof and T-111 siding with a flush board door.

903 Highland Avenue.  Carport.  Non-contributing.  Modern.
Free-standing canvas-roof carport with a metal frame.

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