Hendersonville, NC Poster Now Available!

The Hendersonville Historic Preservation Commission is launching a fund raising event to support their efforts to conserve Hendersonville’s historic resources. They have developed a poster that highlights architectural features around the City. 

While attractive in just that aspect, the features also spell Hendersonville, NC! Our “letters” include details of the historic courthouse, City Hall, homes throughout downtown neighborhoods, 7th Avenue and Oakdale Cemetery.

The poster comes in a standard poster size, 18” x 24”, for convenience and easy framing.


It is for sale at the Heritage Museum as well as the Development Assistance Department here in Hendersonville. The posters retail for $15 apiece, less if purchased in quantity. Postcards are also available for $1. Contact the Historic Preservation Commission for more information.

The proceeds go toward the Commission’s projects such as Preservation Week activities, school education programs and historic signage in neighborhoods and on buildings.

These unique posters will be a great addition in any office or home as well as a lovely gift.



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