215-221 N. Main

215main221mainMid 20th century.
One-story plain commercial building divided into sections by change in color or brick.



Photos taken 1987.



  Historic Markers placed 2009:

215 N. Main 1962  Built by Daniel C. Barber, Jr., this building was modeled after the Western Auto Store in the Charlottetown Mall in Charlotte and was the first use of pre-stressed concrete on Main Street. The Barber Family ran the Western Auto Store and True Value Hardware Store here from 1961 until 2007.  The St. Johns Hotel was on this side prior to 1915.  

219-221 N. Main 1962 Built by Norman Farnsworth, this building filled the last vacant lot on Main Street. Tenants of the two-storefront building have been Fred Toms Furniture Outlet, credit & financial companies and the Added Touch gift shop. Western Auto expanded into the southern portion from 1985 until 2007.  The St. Johns Hotel was on this site prior to 1915.




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