1419 Ridgecrest Drive

Eugenia Boinest House

1419rigContributing, by 1926.
Vernacular Bungalow/Cotswold style one-and-one-half-story plus basement house with a side gable roof and shed roof dormers. Sweeping steep front gable at the entry. Notable front exterior brick chimney. Walls are vinyl siding. Arched, recessed entry area has a tile floor. Windows are six-over-one, with casements in the dormers. House is level with street at the front, lot drops to the rear. One of the oldest houses on the street. Eugenia (Jennie) Boinest, widow of Clarence L. Boinest, lived in this house from 1937 to at least 1949. Good condition.
(Sanborn maps, city directories)

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