1232 Hyman Avenue

A. F. Barber, Sr. House

1232 hyContributing, 1911.
Vernacular style two-story house with front gable roof which was originally more Tudor Revival in appearance. Roof has its original tin covering. Originally, the house had half-timbering on the exterior walls. The Barber family replaced this with brick after World War II. Current exterior wall materials are brick veneer with shingles in the gable ends and in the carport. Front porch enclosed sometime after 1954, and carport added at the same time. Original porch posts and piers remain visible. Original entrance to the house was on the south side. This was enclosed as a bathroom sometime after 1954. Windows are  multi-light-and-diamond-pane-over-one. Notable landscaping, low rock wall at front. Original outbuilding appears to be gone. A. F. Barber, Sr.  was the original owner of this house, the second built on Hyman Avenue. He was the owner of Barber's Book Shop. Three sons were born while the family lived here: A. F. Barber, Jr. in 1914; Don Barber in 1918; and Jody Barber in 1923. The Barber family remained in the house until at least 1949. Good condition.
(Sanborn maps, city directories, owner, interview with  Jody Barber, son of the original owner)

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