421 7th Avenue E.

Star Dray Co. building

star drayCa. 1923.
One-story red brick building of square configuration with drive-through covered overhang to west side. Ceiling and columns of overhang have been covered with aluminum siding. Small wood frame one-story addition to north side. Windows on east and west sides of building are multi-pane double hung. Low pitch hip roof.

According to the current owner, Tom Patty, this structure was built in the early 1920s to house the scales used in operating the dray or transfer business, as well as to serve as an office for the business. Originally, the Star Dray Co. was located at 203 2nd Avenue West, where it began operations ca. 1900. Early owners were a Mr. Hamilton and Sam Bryson, later the mayor of Hendersonville. Will J. Turner owned the business from Feb. 1914 until his death in 1929. D.E. Patty, the current owner’s grandfather, worked for Mr. Turner and took over the business from 1929-1954. The owner’s father and mother, D.E. Patty, Jr. and Sybil Patty, operated it from 1954-1975, when it was passed on to Tom Patty. The dray business was apparently a very lucrative one through most of the 1950s-1960s. The freight depot, according to Mr. Patty, was originally located across the tracks from where the existing passenger depot now stands. Star Dray Co. was also involved in some building construction. Mr. Patty has photographs of the excavation work for the Skyland Hotel on Main Street which his company was involved with. The building on Maple and Seventh is now used as an office for Mr. Patty’s auto business, but it still houses the freight scales, safe, and roll top desk from when the Star Dray Co. was in full operation.

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