1009 Maple Street


1009 mapleNon-contributing. ca. 1920.
This altered one-story, front-gable-roof Craftsman bungalow with exposed beams has shed roof dormers added on the south side, asbestos siding,  and a partially enclosed modern porch and wing added to the front. The remaining portion of the original porch has square posts, vinyl soffits, and the original balustrade.  Stone cheek walls with concrete coping frame the stairs.  Foundation is brick, and windows and doors are all modern replacements.  House sits on a small level lot with field stone at the front of the property.  Steve W. Camp, owner of Camp's  Flowers, and wife Eunice, lived here from 1937-1938.  The house changed occupants frequently, including Mrs. Lillie Morris, a widow (1939-1940); Charles A. and Mary J. Sargent (1943-1944); Mary J. Sargent (1945-1946); Philip H. Croft, an agent with Durham Life Insurance Company, and wife Christine (1948 - 1955); and Hubert H. Duncan Jr., parts manager with T. Lee Osborne Oldsmobile Sales and Service, and wife Wilma (1956 - 1957).   (Sanborn maps; city directories)

Garage Apartment. Non-contributing.  Modern.
Two-story, front-gable-roof modern garage with German siding, brick foundation, and modern windows.  The first floor has one automobile bay and a vertical plan double door.  The modern window on the second floor has a shed-roof hood.  There is a modern wood deck on the side.

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