911 Highland Avenue

First Wesleyan Church

911 high 2Non-contributing. 1959.  Modern addition.
The original section of this church dates from 1959 (cornerstone), with a large modern addition on the east side. The one-story, front-gable Colonial Revival brick church has a gable-roof covered entry stoop, and a truncated steeple on the north side.  Foundation of the building is brick, windows are six-over-six stained glass, and the entry door is double leaf.   The large shed-roof addition is covered with vinyl siding and has four-over-four modern windows. Church sits on a large corner lot, sloping to the east, with a fieldstone retaining wall and an alley to the rear.

911 high911 Highland Avenue.   Fellowship Hall.  Non-contributing. ca. 1960.
This one-story, hip-roof brick Ranch-style building is located to the rear of the church.  Soffits are covered with aluminum siding.  It has horizontal-two-over-two single and paired windows and a modern door.  There is an archway over the recessed entry porch on the northeast side.  At the southeast corner at the rear, what appears to have been a carport has been enclosed with vinyl siding and a modern door and windows.

911 Highland Avenue.   Storage Shed.  Non-contributing. Modern.

Tall one-story, shed roof frame storage building with T-111 siding, exposed rafter ends, and a shorter shed-roof addition.

911 Highland Avenue.   Shed.  Non-contributing. Modern.
One-story, gambrel-roof frame storage  building with T-111 siding.

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